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Attachment Methods


Hair Replacement Systems may be secured for wearing using a temporary method or semi- permanent attachment method. The temporary method requires bonding the hair replacement to your scalp using hair piece tape or to your hair using toupee clips. The semi- permanent method requires securing the hair system to your hair along the bald hair line.

Temporary Attachment


Hair Piece Tape is the most popular method of securing a hairpiece. It's fast, convenient, comfortable, and easy to use:

Easy to use: Simply wash the skin with soap and water, dry completely. Peel off the top liner, press into place on the hair unit, then remove the lower liner and apply to the skin with even pressure.

This adhesive strip easily removes with rubbing alcohol and soap and water.

1. You simply remove the protection patern from one side of the two-sided tape and secure it to the existing tape tab areas on the underside edge of your hair replacement.
2. Remove the remaining protection paper, then position and secured the hairpiece to your scalp by simply pressing down firmly at the tape areas.

Toupee Clips are very popular device that may be used for securing a hair system. However, it's less comfortable than the toupee tape and adhesive methods. Toupee clips are sewn along the underside edge of the hair replacement at the tape tab areas or where hair exist in order that they may be firmly secured to hair. To secure and remove hair system you simply lift the edge of hairpiece and either close or open each clip to secure or remove the hairpiece.

Liquid Adhesive is another popular attachment method.

To securing your hair piece for wearing:


1. Simply brush liquid adhesive along the underside edge of the hair system foundation
(at tape- tab areas only, use the red liner tape)
2. Position hair piece as desired.
3. Press (at tape- tab areas) and hold hair piece in place for 1 or 2 minutes
(until adhesive bonds firmly to scalp)

To remove hair piece:

1.Simply spay or brush adhesive solvent where adhesive is applied.

2. Wait several seconds (until adhesive softens) and remove hair piece.

Semi- Permanent Method


Semi- Permanent of attaching a hair replacement system is now very popular thanks to calculating hair salons and clubs. You must wear your hair system while sleeping, during showers, and while swimming or enjoying your favorite sports, you also must have the hair piece removed, reattached every 4 or 5 weeks.
The cleaner- glue preparation, used to secure the hair system to your hair, greatly accelerates hair loss along the balding hair line where the hair piece is attached.

Super Hold Instructions

The following instructions below are for bonding hairpieces or wigs to hair. This method of bonding requires hair to be available for securing hair piece or wig. Below are complete step-by-step instructions for using Super Hold for securing hair pieces or wigs for wearing.

Keep in room temperature no warmer than 72 degrees until opened. Keep bottle in plastic zip-lock bag and refrigerated after opened.


Make Sure that the scalp and unit are cleaned properly so that any oils and residues are completely removed.

1) Place hair unit on your head and mark outer perimeter of unit directly on head using a grease pencil.

2) Clip the hair inside the marked lines to approximately 1/8" high and 1" wide.

3) OPTIONAL: Apply a layer of Top Safer to the area you have just clipped. This will enhance adhesion of Super Hold and provide a protective barrier for the scalp. Allow Top Safer to dry completely.

4. Line the tape tab area on the hair unit with red liner tape. Squeeze a layer of Super Hold in the center of the tape. IMPORTANT: Do not allow Super Hold to spread beyond the taped area or to contact the base material or hair fiber.

5. Place unit on head starting in the front and align to markings. Have client hold the front of the unit in place while you apply slight pressure throughout entire unit. Make sure there are no air bubbles. Hold unit down for approximately 30 seconds.

You have just completed the Super Hold method of permanent hair attachment. For best results, let Super Hold dry for at least one hour.


Lift frontal area of hair unit. Start on one side of the temple, cut or trim hair down to 1/8" in length(do not cut too close to the scalp). Lift red liner tape off the hair unit.

Hair Replacement System Maintenance


In order to keep your hair system looking natural periodic maintenance will be required. How often the maintenance is required will be based upon how often the hair piece is worn and the environment in which it is worn. When a hair piece is semi-permanently attached it is a must to have ti serviced every 4 to weeks for both technical and personal hygienic reason.

When secured for wearing on a daily basis;
maintenance must be based upon how often worn; its exposure to the elements; and how well it is cared for. Basic hair piece maintenance requires regular hair shampooing and conditioning. Since hair is the essence of a natural-looking hair piece, it must be cared better than most people maintain their own hair. Excessive shampooing of a hair system causes the hair to fade and break. To remedy this problem it is recommended that you only shampooing a hair piece when necessary. Adding new hair to a hair piece may be necessary to restore its natural appearance.



1. Used hair piece carefully through-brush
2. Give and resolve in approx. 1 liter warm a few splash to shampoo
3. Put your secondary hair to approx. 10 minutes into this solution. Do not wring
4. Subsequently, hair work greenish under flow water hair-style direction




1. Give and resolve in approx. 1 liter warm a few splash to shampoo
2. Put your secondary hair to approx. 5 minutes into this solution. Do not wring
3. Surplus water well out-vibrate, Secondary hair in a towel express and on half shell
put, Into the wanted hair-style comb or brush. Damp hair-style at room temperature leave air-dry.




1. Clean before the using of new adhesive tape and before putting the hair work, scalp and adhesive surfaces of the outfit with cleaner and degrease

Hair Replacement System Durability

Most men's hair pieces are basically identical when it comes to durability. However, how long a hair piece lasts is basically related to the method of which it is secured for wearing.


Semi-permanently attached hair pieces usually last around 12 months. Temporary attached hair systems can last for several years-- depending upon how well they are maintained.
Naturally , most hair salon's or club's passionately recommend the semi-permanent hair piece attachment method for the obvious reason: Customers must ware their hair system 24 hours a day.
That means they are forced to sleep, bathe, exercise, and work while wearing their hair replacement system. Naturally, this causes the hair system to deteriorate very rapidly and customers are forced to purchase a new around every 12 months.

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