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Chinese, Indian Remy Hair

European Human Hair

European hair is also very soft, so it will feel comfortable against your scalp. European hair is also very durable, so you can use a European hair wig for a long time without replacing it.

This is the finest hair available for wigs, high quality human hair which is harvested from a person of European(Russian) ancestry. This type hair is used for custom made wigs because of the exceptional strength, quality and beauty, Top quality is expensive to produce, and if the price seems to good to be true.

European Human Hair Wig needs at least 1-2 weeks to be produced by an experienced expert worker. It takes 1-2 weeks of hard work, with each hair being knitted to the cap with a very small crochet-needle or glued with a special glue. In the case of long hair, the production time could be three to four weeks.

Hair Type

We receive hundreds of emails and phone calls daily from women just like yourself. Everyone wants to make sure that they are receiving real remy hair because they've spent so much money on hair claiming to be remy that they are now at the point of total frustration.

Remy human hair includes the "cuticle" on the hair shaft. It is the complete hair stand including the cuticle. It does not go through the stripping process used on most human hair wig and hair piece.

Think of it as brown rice as opposed to white rice where the outer layer has been removed. There is a thin outer layer on human hair. remy hair leaves on this layer. It makes the hair feel even more natural, and makes it so that it does NOT tangle as easily.


The non tangle attribute also increases the long wear of remy human hair wigs.

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