Poly Skin is made with the top quality thin polyurethane skin and comfortable.

Fish Net is made with the top quality fish net, breathable and comfortable.
You can specify the gray percentage and highlight percentage, see our Order Help.
It's Factory Direct 100% custom made Hair Replacement Systems for Men and Women.


Please choose a base model below, we can also make any designs that the expensive retailers use,
when you talk to a progressive hair replacement systems, wigs consultant,

we can discuss the base of that will be best for you.



Super micro thin clear polyurethane.
Most comfortable an light fit in a hair piece.
Base weight: 3g, Superlight, Very Thin!




Thin clear polyurethane base.
Light, thin and invisible. Base weight: 6g

It's made of 6 layers of polyurethane



Fish net with small hole

clear poly coated perimeter