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Human Hair Full Wig


Chicago is made with the top quality fine monofilament, durable and comfortable.
You can specify the gray percentage and highlight percentage, see our Order Help.
It's Factory Direct 100% custom made Hair Replacement Systems for Men and Women.



It is ideal for man that need full coverage or who suffer hair loss due to medical treatment.
New York lace (super welded monofilament)
with 3/4" poly coated perimeter.
1/8" long with 2 layers of invisible thin front hairline.
Chicago is a men full wig with a natural hair line,
very light and durable.
It can be attached with the adhesive tape or bond.
Hair line is parted according to your specification.
Available in true transparent color.
For daily wear or permanent wear.
No professional maintenance is required.

You can do sports with confidence or shower, swim etc.

Clear medical adhesive tape (recommended)
Perimeter bond (recommended)


High Quality Human Hair or Kanekalon Synthetic Hair






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