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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the custom-made hair replacement systems?


It is customary for balding men not to have identical size heads and hair patterns nor do they all experience similar male baldness patterns. Therefore, in order to obtain a hair piece that will fit and look natural, most choose a custom-made hair piece.

Custom hairpieces are designed to fit perfectly.

How much does it in general cost to get a good custom hair replacement system done? is your products really 100% custom made hair replacement system?


The cost for a good hair system is only $349.00 (Indian Remy Human Hair, Chinese Remy Human Hair),
it will look just a great as more expensive hair piece. it's true 100% custom made hair piece, standard size is 7" X 9",

if you need anything bigger than standard size, it will be extra cost, average length on all systems are 5-6 inches.

if you want longer length than 8 inches, please add $ 40.00.

Which do you think is the superior attachment method, tapes, clips, or bonding?


The best attachment method will be what the client needs to match his life style and expectations.
It is not uncommon to change the securing method for our clients as their lifestyle changes or they mature in age.

They all have a place. If you want to swim and in a windy environment, we recommend SEMI PERMANENT METHOD,
You can wear your hair piece while sleeping, during showers, and while swimming or enjoying your favorite sports, you also must have the hair piece removed, reattached every 2 or 4 weeks.


How do I take care of my hair piece?


When your system arrives in the mail, you will need to first take it to a hair stylist to have it cut, thinned and blended into your own hair. Clean your hair piece with a mild shampoo, use cream type Conditioners that do NOT contain Lanolin, polymers, or heavy oils. Use leave on spray conditioner also to keep the hair soft and pliable.


Use the deep conditioner once per week to prevent dryness and use the Detangler spray to keep the hair from tangling. And never use any alcohol based styling aids as they will dry the hair. We offer superior formulated products that have been designed for KTS. and we price these at fabulous wholesale prices.

How long does the hair replacement system last?


How often this happens depends on the sturdiness of the base, whether human or synthetic hair is used (synthetic hairs are typically more durable and less resistant to fading).
Also semi-permanent hair pieces may need to be replaced more frequently simply because they are worn 24 hours a day and subject to wear and tear during sleep and showering. Of course, you can sleep and shower with your hair piece on if you use other methods of attachment, you also have the option of removing the hair piece during these times.

What is the lace front?


If you're just starting to lose and want a natural looking front hairline, this is the way to go.

Single hair front knotting with a naturally staggered front hair line. Size may be easily altered.

The lace front is a very thin material that is located at the front of the unit form temple to temple and back about 2"-3"or so. The lace front is attached with a special lace tape, adhesive, because the tape offers a tighter hold and it doesn't reflect through the lace.

Introduced in the past year, the lace front has been described as a break though technology in hair pieces and 50% of our clients order them. It is, however, extremely fragile and need replacing every 6 months.
The client must treat it very gently. The lace front is attached with a special adhesive tape.
You'd probably need to replace the lace front two or three times before the rest of the piece wears out.

What is the Scallop Front?


This is a thin clear skin-like polyurethane material designed to be semi-circles along the hairline, thus giving a realistic appearance. This type of front is attached using a tape adhesive. You'd probably need to replace the scallop front two or three times before the rest of the piece wears out.

What is the bleached knots?


Bleached knots is currently to best known method of making the hair appear as if it is growing from the scalp, the bleached hair will still help to hide the knots in about 1 inch front, when a dark hair is tied to the base of a hairpiece with a knot, you can see a dark dot on the skin, especially when the base is lace. Lace cannot hide the knot in the same way a mono filament base does. Bleached knots, usually only done at the lace front and it helps create the illusion that your hair is growing out of your head.

If your hair color is Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown or Brown, then knots that hold the hair onto the base will be changed from black to light brown and will be much less visible. Single knots such as those used at the front edge will be be very hard to spot.
The bleached knots can also be bleached in an area of the unit that is poly coated.
Depending on your hair color, the bleached knots will be light brown or blonde.


Bleached Knots: add extra US$ 50.00

How long does it take for a custom hair pieces?


Custom hairpieces are about 4-5 weeks delivery once we receive your order, When you order two hair pieces in the same order, it takes 4-5 weeks, your order will be shipped by Fdex Express or EMS

If I send a used hair piece to you to make a copy, will you send it back to me together with the new one without charging the extra shipping ?


f you send us your used hairpiece, we can make an exact copy of it, custom duplication $ 349.00(Indian remy human hair, Chinese remy human hair), and send it back with your new piece(if you want), Free shipping and handling!!

Do I have to take it off when I get my hair cut?


Our custom hairpieces are Not Ready To Wear when they are delivered. You must get a barber or stylist to cut them and style them for you. All the hairs are the same lengh. The stylist will shape it into the style you want.

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