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Dear Daniel Son:
Thanks for your response. I understood your diagram from your previous e-mail
Also thanks for the information regarding synthetic and human grey hair.I sincerely appreciate when you give me direction and answer my questions.

That is why I have become a dedicated customer rather than using other companies that advertise on the Internet. You will find me to be a loyal customer when treated well. Thanks again for your cooperation. E. Askin -U.S.A-


Dear Daniel Son, I would like to thank for the hairpiece which arrived today. The hair feels silky and nice, well done. Thanks again. K. Selka -Canada-


Dear Daniel Son, The last order that you made and sent was PERFECT!!!! i was very happy with it and all that saw it was very impressed. It was 100% natural hair (not mixed with synthetic hair), the crown was perfect, the way the hair laid on the piece was just right (not standing on the sides) It was EXACTLY the was as i expected it. who every made it last time i sure would like for that same person to make my next order. Daniel, i would like to order another piece EXACTLY the same as the last piece you made for me and payment will be sent as soon as possible.thanks again Daniel, (from a very satisfied customer) Philip H. -U. S. A-


Daniel Son, I wanted you to know that I am extremely pleased with the custom reproductive quality of the original system I sent to you as well as the softness and condition of the remy hair. Every aspect of my order was followed . . . to perfection.
I'm just wondering if you can consistently provide this same reproductive quality or if this was a one time fluke? I would like to put you to the test and order four (4) more duplicate systems.
Please let me know if you require that I send again all the originally provided photos, hair system sample and order information OR if you still have that information on file and are capable of fulfilling my order simply by sending the appropriate payment amount via PayPal?
Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you, Best Regards, Robert E -U.S.A-


Daniel Son KAHM SAH HUM NEE DAH. I had my new hair cut in today and it is great. I like this color very much. Keep all of the information I want my next unit to be the same. Alice T - U.S.A-


Hi, I would like to reorder two more hair pieces exactly the same as my previous order, is this posiible?
I have filled the form in attached, My name is Duncan Jury and the codes that came with the hair pieces were 2-2144 and 10211A D J. Let me know if this is OK and I will then pay by Paypal $USD 549.00 Thank you so much, your hair pieces are fantastic, Kind Regards D. J - New Zealand-


Dear Mr Daniel Son, Thank you for my recent order ,once again the quality and appearance is excellent.
I would like to order another one hair piece the same description as my last order. Thank you very much.Yours sincerely, M. Heinly. -U.S.A-


Daniel I recieved the unit and I have cut it in. Im happy to say it will work now, it looks very natural. A lot of people are impressed with the workmanship and I have some who are interested in obtaining one of their own, thanks again for your patience and service.
Russell M -Canada-

















Dear Daniel Son, I received my order yesterday morning, the 5th of April ! I am so happy :)
You respected your term and the product (full human hair wig) look so nice...the human hairs are beautiful and the hair density is perfect...It's a little long, but it's my fault ! I am so glad to have found your company on Internet... I still hope it is strong and will last a little... Can I swim or take a bath with it ?
I did not wear it yet, but I have a rendez-vous with my barber saturday morning...Thanks a lot to you and all the team ! I will order a second one soon...september I think. Hear from you soon, Yasmina L -France-


Dear Daniel Son: i received my hair replacement systems on saturday early in the morning. needless to say they are excellent! the quality of the hair and color match is beautiful. the fit is exactly as the sample i sent you. i am very impressed with the fact that everything went so well and your delivery time was on target.
I would recommend your company to anyone seeking quality, value and timely delivery. your company delivered everything it advertised and provided exceptional customer service to me. you have made a new friend and loyal customer in new jersey, usa. sincerely yours,
E Gerry. -U.S.A-


Dear Daniel Son, Thank you so much for the express delivery. The items arrived today for B W. He is very thankful and will not have to change his flight times. Once again, thank you so much for your understanding and swift action. Regards, B W -Hong Kong-


Dear Daniel, I received the 2 new units today and I must say, these are probably the best units I've ordered over a 10 year period. I am sorry for the mishap innitialy, but it was definately worth the wait! For the needs of a woman, the hair and the density is perfect. It actually feels like my own hair and the unit fits to perfection. I will recommended your company to anyone looking for quality units at a resonable price with the standard to upholding the quarantee.

Look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thanks again, Linda K - U. S. A-


To everyone at your company. I got my hairpiece last friday. You can never know how wonderful and pleased I am to have such a beautiful hairpeice. It is better then anything I ever had. It looks so natural. I feel like a real woman now. And you did everything that I wanted done on it. The color and texture of the hair is perfect. I feel great wearing my hair. Thank you from my heart. Your customer always, K. Goss -U.S.A-

Dear Daniel, I Just wanted to let you know that I received my package, and the hair looks very good thank you so much for doing such a grate job. I will be in touch with you and ordering more product. Best regards, Susan K -U.S.A-


Thank you again for such a prompt reply. I cannot begin to say how pleased I have been with the way you take care of my needs. I wish other companies would follow your standard of quality and attitude toward their product and customers. Sincerely, -U.S.A- L. Heydt


Dear Mr. Daniel. Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived today. Once again let me say that the Quality,value,and service are outstanding.
As always it is pleasure to do business with you. Sincerely, U.S.A -M. John-


















Dear Daniel: The base looks amazing. I am so happy :-) Please keep this base on my record for future hair pieces that I will order from you. Best Regards, Australia - C. Long -


Dear Mr. Kim:
I just wanted to say thanks for having such a great group of people to communicate with over the net. Internet business not always best, but with your company it makes one feel good.
THANK YOU! U.S.A -J. Richardson-


I just received the package from EMS. The hair piece is the best one I have recieved from you so far. It looks perfect, the color, the front (lace), hair density, everything. I am very satisfied. Thank you for your excellent service! sincerely, Canada -B. Jackson-


I just wanted to thank you on an excellent job on the repair work of my unit. It looks brand new. I am very impressed and grateful that I found your company for my hair replacement needs. Once again thanks. U.S.A -K. Holmes-


Hi Daniel Son: Thank you, thank you, thank you. The hair piece came yesterday and I must say that it is awesome and is better made than any I have worn in the last 25 years. I will begin the process of cutting it in tomorrow, but I really like it. Your products are indeed as good as you advertised in your web site. I shall order another one after the first of the year. I'd like to try one with the same type of base (one that looks like scalp all the way through) but with a lace front. What one would you recommend? Your products and your service is great. Thank you. I'll write again for another unit in January. Sincere regards, U.S.A -M. Sullivan-


Dear KTS, I was very pleased with the perfect colour match, the vent work, and the materials used to make the base. I will be ordering in the future again. Thank you. England -K. Castiller-


Dear Mr Daniel Son, thank you very much, you are obviously a very honourable man. I am sure I will be dealing with you again in the future. best regards, U.S.A -J. Nixon-


Hi Everyone, Please make me a new hairpiece identical to the last one. I am very satisfied with your product so far. Thanks again. U.S.A - M. Black-

Received my 2 hairpieces and orderd products . both hairpices are very good very impressed with your teams work, done outstanding job. i will reccommend others to your company. U.S.A -K. Amstrong-


Dear KTS, I ordered a woman's hairpiece last month and I am very pleased. I absolutely love it! I would like to order another one just like it. From your website, you indicate you keep order specifications in your computer file, so I don't have to fill out another order form. I would like one hairpiece exactly like the one you made last month for $299.00 and how long before I receive the hairpiece? Thank you very much. You have a wonderful business! U.S.A -Jenny Port-


Dear KTS, this week i got my hair piece. I will tell you, that i'm very satisfied for very good working and quality ,color and all. Thanks and goodbye til next time. Germany -U. Schumacher-


Hi guys,., received your unit and had it cut in today and it looks great, you did a great job, and I will order another unit in about a month, you are great and I appreciate your responses..... U.S.A -V. Simon-


Just to let you know that I am very satisfied with your product. My wife was very pleased. I would like to order another just like it in a month or so. I'm also going to recommend your company to a friend of mine. Please inform me if you still have a record of my dimensions for my toupee. Thank you very much. U.S.A -N. Franks-


Hello, I just wanted to let you know I received the new piece and I think it will be really good. I am going to get it styled next week and I will know more then. Thank you so much for doing that for me. I appreciate it so much. I will be sending an old piece in the near future for repair/ Thank you again for your kindness. Thank you, U.S.A -L. Coryell-


Dear KTS, thank you for your excellent service in taking my order and supplying me with my hair system. I am very happy with the hair piece you just made for me, it appears to be as high a quality, or better, than the ones I had been ordering from Canada. I just wanted to let you know that I was happy with your product, and will continue to get future hair systems from you company. Sincerely Canada -S Raiman-


Dear Sirs, recieved my order today 28th Dec,very pleased and impressed with the quality of the hair pieces. Will certainly be ordering again.Many thanks. Yours sincerely USA -M. Evans-


Just returned to Miami today to find my 2 hair pieces. I immediately went to a barber and had one of them cut in. It looks great and I'm more than happy with it. USA -J. Donovan-

Dear Daniel Son, Thank you so much,my order was on time and everything looks just fine.A job well done...once again thank you and have a great day! U. S. A - M Anderson -


Hello Again, I ordered and received a hairpiece form KTS last October. I am very happy with it and would like to order another one. Do you still have a record of my specifications and color on file? Do I fill out a new order form ? USA -Damir Ricardo-


Hello Daniel Son, I have received my toupee. It has been greatly improved, your people did an excellent job. I am very pleased with the improvements. If it is possible, please keep a record, so that I may have you duplicate the toupee in a year or so. Thank you for your help. Sincerely,
James H -U.S.A-


Received my units! You have done a good job Thank you I will highly recommend you to my friends Thank you for your corporation. USA -N. Clay-


I am extremely impressed with the quality and color of the hair piece. I am ordering another at this time with a few changes from may original order. If you cannot understand my instructions from the order form, please contact me at this e-mail address. Thank you for your superior services. USA -H. Alba-

Thank you for the great service. we received the hairpiece on saturday may 19th. it looks wonderful. we will order from you again. USA -D. Vagus-


HI. I received the piece.It is just perfect! The color,texture,style everything is exactly as I had wanted.Thanks. I hope you have retained the template and hair sample for future repeat order. -India. M. Aravind-


Thank you so much for your prompt service, it's very comfortable. I will mention you to my friends who are looking for super hairpiece. Germany -Michael Besschops-


I received my order and I am very pleased with the toupee. I must tell you that your service is excellent, and you do your best to please your customers. I will recommend you to all my friends and anyone else who is interested in toupees. Switzerland -Ronald Jenisch-


I recieved my hairpieces on May 5 like you said and I am very happy with them,I received the rest of the order today May 7 Thank you very much. USA -DG.



The hair piece was received and the color, texture, and base are what I expected and pleased. Thank you. Japan -Yamamoto Araki-


I have received your package, as always it is a pleasure doing business with you. I appreciate the work your people are doing and have been very pleased with the product. Australia -Charlie Daniels-


Just received my hairpiece today and wanted to say how pleased I was with your product and service. It is exactly as you had said and very well made. Also it was delivered on time, even in the holiday rush. I know I will be ordering again. Thank you. USA - Tom Scott-


Dear Daniel Son. I have just had my new unit fitted by my hairdresser. It looks fine and the hair color is good... I will order another one in the future..Thank you once again ..Ron K - U. S. A-


Dear Daniel Son, I recieved the hair-pieces today and have to say Im very pleased with the excellent quality. Many thanks. J.Evans. -U.K-


Hello Dear Daniel Son, I come from here via email, thank you for the good work and support that KTS gave me during the whole process of manufacturing my Base type Toronto, I am very grateful and I will certainly like to continue being your customer, once again thank you very much and I am very happy and satisfied. Michael C. -Austrailia-




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