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Hair Replacement Systems Bonding Attachment

hair replacement systems with lace front
hair replacement system with lace front

The Hair replacement system is an enhanced development of common “wigs” or “hair accessories” or “wigs”. Hair replacement is not a surgical operation. It is designed to solve the problem of hair loss in a specific area and to meet the needs of individual customers.

To create a natural look, we design to match almost all aspects of the client’s existing hair, including hair color, thickness or density, curl type, gravity offset (how it falls on the face based on natural gravity), and face shape, Age and receding lines are several aspects.

hair replacement systems attachment

All these technical details in the design make the appearance look natural and imperceptible. Many Hollywood actors wear the replacement system and look great. The special design phase takes into account the age and lifestyle of the client, so this is a strategic and natural choice.

For people suffering from various types of hair loss (for example, hair loss), hair replacement is an ideal solution. Crown alopecia, frontal alopecia, or only late-stage alopecia, is typical male pattern baldness. This solution is good for both men and women, you don’t need to shave your head.

Attachment Methods

There are many ways to attach the hair system to an individual. The most popular method is skin bonding attachment. By combining with medical-grade glue, the hair replacement system is glued to the skin in the hair loss area. When you pull your hair, your skin will pull upwards like natural hair. This method is safe and the skin bonding can last up to 4 to 6 weeks.

bonding attachment

Using the attached skin bonding method requires regular service, where the hair system is removed for hygienic reasons for “skin cleansing” and then re-bonded. Many customers also use skin-grade tape to stick the system around the customer’s hair loss area instead of using complete skin bonding. hair replacement systems attachment. The micro clip system is also very popular among customers who do not want to use skin adhesive or skin tape solutions. Hair replacement system or “hair wig” to the hair loss area.

bonding hair replacement systems

The replacement system is an ideal way to restore lost hair. Customers can give full play to the fun of sports, dance, aerobics, bathing, and life through the natural hair transplant system. This hair transplant system looks natural and brings back your confidence.

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